forget about what you are escaping from. reserve your anxiety for what you are escaping to.


Supermodel Andreja Pejić gives Laverne Cox a shout out while officially coming out as a transgender woman. x

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do you think its tragic that my dog will never be able to appreciate how many notes his selfies get??

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selfie olympics gold medalist

jsyk when i bring the sunglasses outside he jumps around and wags his tail bc he wants to wear them

i cant believe this fuckin dog

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my dog has a wooden house and a lil trampoline bed w a bunch of blankets but he constantly just pulls them onto the concrete and sleeps in the cold and when i get down there in the morning hes curled up and shivering and like dont get me wrong i love him so much but jfc hes the dumbest pup of all time


this whole exchange was golden

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my boobs look rly good today i keep accidentally looking down at my cleavage and getting distracted 

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I’M FUCKING SOBBING HAHA (but the anime is meant to be like 98% less gay. like free! is more gay than dmmd. but the game is still fab)

as long as there is no immediate hardcore frickle frack in the first episode then all is well omfg 


Arjan by Maarten Schröder

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triptophobias said: basically a sci fi adventure game with lots of gay sex? not very dingle rhombus.

fUCK i googled it before you replied and saw that it had an anime adaptation so i told my brother to ask his weeaboo friends (who have apparently seen every anime since their births fifteen short years ago) about it via steam and one of them was like “i’ll watch it now and tell you if its good” WHAT HAVE I DONE

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what even is dmmd is it some kind of dangman romper thing 

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