forget about what you are escaping from. reserve your anxiety for what you are escaping to.
  • Karliah: We must be very quiet, the Falmer may not be able to see us, but they CAN hear us.
  • Me: *supa sneak quiet as a templemouse*
  • Brynjolf: LASS. *hits every bone alarm* *steps on every pressure plate* *awakens the Centurion*
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cant wait for my 8am class tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Alone Through Windows", by Joshua Trottier

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Supermodel Andreja Pejić gives Laverne Cox a shout out while officially coming out as a transgender woman. x

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do you think its tragic that my dog will never be able to appreciate how many notes his selfies get??

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selfie olympics gold medalist

jsyk when i bring the sunglasses outside he jumps around and wags his tail bc he wants to wear them

i cant believe this fuckin dog

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my dog has a wooden house and a lil trampoline bed w a bunch of blankets but he constantly just pulls them onto the concrete and sleeps in the cold and when i get down there in the morning hes curled up and shivering and like dont get me wrong i love him so much but jfc hes the dumbest pup of all time


this whole exchange was golden

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my boobs look rly good today i keep accidentally looking down at my cleavage and getting distracted 

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